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Weather Guard

Weather Guard MODEL 362-5-02 TRANSFER TANK, L-SHAPE, 110 GAL

Weather Guard MODEL 362-5-02 TRANSFER TANK, L-SHAPE, 110 GAL

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110 gallon L-Tank by Weather Guard. See photos for dimensions. Gloss black painted steel finish.

Fantastic build quality from the best name in the business. Limited lifetime warranty!

110-gallon fuel transfer tank for diesel and hydraulic fluid only

Diesel transfer tank designed for most full-size pickups

Heavy-duty tank design for commercial product use

Interior baffles minimize fluid motion for extended tank life

Vented filler cap prevents pressure build-up and is lockable

Rubber isolation bushings absorb road vibration to protect the tank

3/8 inch drain port is provided for routine maintenance

2 inch standard NPT (National pipe thread) accommodates most pumps

Heavy-duty 12 Gauge Steel panels deliver optimum strength in

Overlapping edge panel design provides superior corner support

Reinforced filler neck for filling and pumping approved fluids

Black ARMOR TUF® Powder Coat finish ensures years of dependability

Limited lifetime warranty ensures unparalleled quality


WEATHER GUARD® Transfer Tanks can only be used with non-flammable fluids (diesel, hydraulic, etc.)

WEATHER GUARD® Transfer Tanks are not designed for use as an auxiliary tank to be connected to the vehicle's primary fuel system

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